2 Minute Pasta Lunch

Looking for a quick and easy packed lunch idea? Get inspired by Kelly Lester of EasyLunchboxes.com

2 Minute Pasta Lunch

Did you know that last night’s whole-wheat pasta leftovers can be the solution to a rushed morning’s lunch dilemma?

For a quick and simple lunch, toss 1 cup of leftover cooked whole-wheat pasta with a handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives, a little olive oil and salt. Viola! A simple and filling whole grain lunch is made. In less than two minutes!

I love adding a serving of peas and sliced Monterey Jack cheese along with this lunch. They add essential vitamins and minerals and have a lot of kid-appeal.

To complete this quick lunch, toss a Go-GURT into the lunch bag. Did you know you can send a frozen Go-GURT to school and kids will be able to enjoy them as a delicious and nutritious treat at the perfect temperature?

This lunch is quick and easy to make and it’s the perfect answer to, “What’s for lunch?” on a rushed morning.


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