Dinosaur Lunch

Need some inspiration for tomorrow’s packed lunch? Check out this Dinosaur inspired lunch from Kelly Lester of EasyLunchboxes.com

Dinosaur Lunch

If you have a child that only wants a sandwich for lunch, it’s easy to tire of sending the “same old, same old” sandwich.

Who knew that sprucing up your child’s lunch could be this easy?

Sandwich or cookie cutters are not difficult to use. All you have to do is place one on top of the sandwich, press, and lift the new shape. In less than 30 seconds your child can have a dinosaur ready to be eaten! Quick little things like this bump up the fun factor of any standard lunch. You know what else bumps up the fun factor? Adding a Go-GURT along with the lunch!

To complete the meal, add a serving of berries and carrots alongside your sandwich and Go-GURT. The end result is colorful, eye-appealing, and has a variety of food groups.

This idea is just too easy to pass up. There’s no long direction list to follow and no time consuming process to make your kid’s favorite sandwich. Whether you are on the ball making your kid’s lunches the night before, or are pressed for time the morning of, this is an easy lunch to make!


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